How To Keep Busy At Work- Never Be Bored Again

Why would you want to keep busy at work? Good question. The answer is quite simple; if you keep busy – you enter a state of flow. This means you will stay motivated at work, be more productive and eventually reach your end goal of getting that promotion you desire. You see time should be considered a currency like money. You need to use it constructively to achieve your goals. If you are not keeping yourself busy with meaningful things then you will find yourself growing toxic traits through gossip and office politics. So here’s 10 way on how to keep busy at work so that you avoid the trap:

how to keep busy at work - never be bored again

Have your goals for the day set-out

Knowing what you are going to accomplish for the day eliminates procrastination and helps your prioritize. Have one or two items that you feel if accomplished will make you feel that you have succeeded for the day. You can even perform this exercise the night before so that you place the intent in your subconscious mind. Try to put first things first and ensure that items that worry you the most are at the top of your list.

Start with the difficult stuff

Start the day off by tackling the most difficult items on your to do list. You are the most energized in the morning. In addition, it will motivate you to do more. Starting difficult items later on in the day leads to laziness and procrastination.

Start an online course

If you have some free time; why not register for a useful online course that will teach you valuable skills. Remember there is no stop to learning. The more skills you acquire; the more valuable you become – provided it helps the business achieve it’s end goals.

Learn about other departments

It never hurts to get a feel for the different departments within your company. It will teach you systems thinking skills and also help you identify future career opportunities. There may even be an opportunity for you to lend you skills to other departments and get your name noticed.

Create a funnel for future projects

If you are in a project driven role; try to create a funnel of future projects that you would like to work on. In this way, when you are completed with one project, you always have another to take it’s place. This will also prove that you are proactive and serious about giving back to your company.

Ask your manager for more opportunities

Show your manager that you are keen on learning and growing by asking for more opportunities. This will open up doors to future promotions if you play your cards right. Just be aware that you need to deliver if you take on this route. Never take on more than you can handle. You should always under promise and over deliver.

Apply for a new role

If you are feeling demotivated in your current role or don’t have enough to do – it probably means you need a career change. Try your hand at different roles to find that perfect fit that keeps you mentally stimulated.

Volunteer for extra curricula work activities

Organizations sometimes have corporate social investment schemes that you could ask to be a part of.

Take on a more strategic perspective

If your role is more operations driven and routine; try to look at how you can think more strategically. This could be finding ways to improve the efficiency of day to day actions or finding simpler ways to do things that inadvertently saves the business money. This will also show traits of a senior leader who often has to think strategically within a business.

Read case studies and journals

If you are in a technical role – try reading some case studies or journal about your industry and then apply what you have learnt.

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