Be The Smartest Person In The Room – Even If you Are Not

There’s many positives to being the smartest person in the room. People will respect your opinion and praise will never stop. Unfortunately; being the smartest person in the room is often not as clear cut as you would think. This is because intelligence is relative. You may be a genius in marketing and suck at engineering. You may even have the case of two individuals in the same profession but have different skillsets – so how would intelligence be defined in this case? This posts aims to overcome all of theses issues so that you can indeed be considered the smartest person in the room; even if you are technically not 🙂

Be the smartest person in the room - even if you are not

Be in your element

Always choose to work or perform in an environment you thrive in. Whatever you are doing – ensure that you dominate in that field. Be the best you can. So when you walk into a room and someone asks you a question – you give them an answer that proves to them why you are indeed the best.

Listen before talking

Introverts are really good at this. It typically involves listening and digesting information and coming up with insights that most others miss. When people are shouting over each others’ heads; stay calm. Listen to everyone’s views and when it’s finally your time to talk – make it worthwhile. Get this trick right and you will indeed become the smartest person in the room and the most respected.

Start by not being the smartest person in the room

This one may look a bit strange but is one of the best ways to eventually gain intellectual prowess. No one starts of being brilliant – they are groomed and develop their skills through persistent practice and dedication. So don’t feel bad if you are the new intern that knows nothing. Use this as an opportunity to gain experience, to listen and to gain a mentor.

Practice Reframing

The problem with information is that it is useless unless framed in a way that can help people solve a problem. Often during a meeting for example – people are often shouting out points but no one is assimilating the data and putting things into perspective. This is the job of the smartest guy in the room. If you want to be considered as the serious thinker; listen to all points and then develop a summarized solution to the problem and succinct actions to move forward with.

Dress the part

Human nature is such that you are judged by the way you look. Always dress outside to feel good on the inside. Research shows that the clothes you wear also actually change the way you perform. So the next time you want gain respect and convince people you are really the smartest – start with the way you dress. Just make sure that you strike the perfect balance. Not overdressed and not underdressed.

Practice confidence

Smart people are confident in their knowledge but not to the point that it shows illusory superiority. Amp yourself up with positive affirmations and always practice your trait such that no one intimidates you.

Be Eloquent in the way you speak

If you speak well; you can say just about anything and still sound super smart. Therefore practice speaking eloquently. Work in your tone, gestures and pace. You don’t want to sound panicky when you speak. Remember your delivery is just as important as what you are trying to say.

Ask questions

The smartest person in the room is not afraid to question things. They don’t follow the herd mentality and instead dig deeper into potential issues with recommendations. Don’t be afraid to show people your systems thinking mentality by identifying gaps in thought processes. Often people are in a rush to get to solutions; however it takes the smartest person in the room to dissect each solution and determine future underlying concerns that comes with it’s implementation.

Leverage your strong points

We can’t all be good at everything. This is why companies have teams and leverage skills of employees. It is your job to find and nurture your skills. What are you good at? Use these skills to help solve problems. It is often your unique skillsets and experience that gives you and edge over the competition. The key is to not be average at a lot of things but instead brilliant at just a few. There is a great pleasure that comes with rejecting too many choices and focusing on what truly brings you happiness.

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